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If you're not interested in playing at 24h Poker and looking for a competitive room that offers high effective rakeback rates, we suggest rooms like PokerStars or bet365, both of which are reviewed extensively.

Does 24h Poker / NoiQ Poker accept players from the US?

No. American players should visit this link for real money rooms that accept US players.

Choosing Rakeback or VIP at NoiQ

Note: NoiQ Poker is no longer open and therefore this information is out of date. We have left it here for reference purposes and suggest you visit other sites for up-to-date information on playing online poker real money games.

When you sign up at NoIQ poker, you have a choice - 30% flat rakeback or enrollment in the variable-rate VIP program. Which should you choose?

To start, NoiQ will let you switch your choice if you're unhappy with it, so don't sweat the decision too hard. That said, making the right choice can result in significant additional value, so let's break down the difference between the plans by player type.

Generally, players who rake over €787.50 a month or under €33 a week should choose the VIP program. Raking over €1750 will put you in the top tier of the VIP program, where you'll earn between 30%-40$ rakeback.

So why should players who rake under €33 choose VIP? Because €33 is the minimum you have to rake in order to receive rakeback. Read that twice, because it's important - as of November 2011 you must rake at least €33.33 to receive any rakeback. If you only play sporadically, you should choose the VIP program. If you play regularly, but at low volume or stakes, choose rakeback. If you play steadily at higher stakes or volume, choose VIP.

If you are unsatisfied with NoIQ poker you can try to play at ClubWPT. The difference of this room from NoIQ is that you don’t need to waste your funds there. The room uses subscription system. Read more about ClubWPT VIP Membership. This plan offers great conditions: you receive access to all types of games the room offers. We recommend to try it for free (Free Trial also offered)

Instructions for NoiQ Rakeback:

  1. Go to NoiQ through this link (or through any other link / banner on
  2. Open your account and make sure that it says RBNOIQ in the signup code field.
  3. You are now registered with 30% rakeback, if you want to change to the VIP program, just email and request to be changed.

How do I Sign Up for VIP?

Follow the instructions above but use the signup code POKER404

What are the Current Rake Races at NoiQ Poker?

View the current list of NoiQ Rake Races. NoiQ runs rake races that differ from the norm; the main rake race is split up into four parts, each taking place during one week of the month. To get an idea of what the rake races might be worth to you, check out the past results of rake races to see what the typical amount of rake you generate would be worth to your bottom line.

What Other Games Does NoIQ Offer?

In addition to texas holdem online and all of the other poker variants available in the poker room, NoiQ also offers players a sports book and a full array of slots and table games. One thing you won't find - at least not yet - there's no bingo available at NoiQ.

Why signup with NoiQ rakeback .NET?

  • We are a reliable partner: The people behind NoiQ rakeback having offering rakeback for NoiQ for years and have a great relationship with NoiQ and their staff.
  • All the payments are made by NoiQ itself, we never touch your money nor do we have access to your private details.
  • We are the same team behind the popular free poker money site and have nearly a decade of experience in offering rakeback deals.

So click here to register your NoiQ account now with and to earn extra money.

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