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How Does NoiQ Rakeback Stack Up Against Other Rooms?

NoiQ rakebackAnyone who has looked in to playing at NoiQ Poker knows that the standard flat rakeback rate is 30% and the VIP Program can pay up to 45%.  While breaking down the difference between the flat rakeback and the VIP scheme is something we cover extensively elsewhere on the site (just return to the home page if you’d like to read more), comparing the value you get when you play poker online for money at NoiQ to the value offered by other major poker sites is a topic we’ve yet to cover.

So, how does NoiQ rakeback stack up?  A few comparisons below.

PokerStars:  The king of online poker real money games also has one of the most talked-about VIP programs in the business.  Breaking it down completely is beyond the scope of this article, but the basic fact of the matter is that the PokerStars VIP program will provide more value for the highest-volume players than the NoiQ program.  Players in the middle will see equal rewards and low-volume players are better off at NoiQ (unless you play very infrequently, in which case PokerStars is superior).

Titan Poker: The value for the top tier of this iPoker heavyweight wins out over NoiQ, but NoiQ treats players at the middle and low tiers slightly better than Titan Poker.  Players who move between edium and high volume will also do a bit better at NoiQ –  assuming they maximize the rake races and other associated promotions.

Party Poker: Party offers a great VIP program that provides slightly better rewards to top-tier players and roughly equivalent rewards down the rest of the tiers.  Party’s edge comes largely from their live-tournament promotional tie-ins via the World Poker Tour, so if you’re not interested in playing live poker the pendulum shifts back to NoiQ Poker.

Hopefully this brief guide has given you a better idea of where NoiQ sits among the major players when it comes to rakeback value.